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Learn the Art of Karate from Home

Likewise all other Educational institutions, physical activity centers, Gym,  Dance & Yoga Classes, Since March 2020, Martial Arts schools also have taken a big hit and had to close down due to the corona virus pandemic. Because of restrictive stay-at-home orders that have led to the loss of many of their paying students, some of the dozens of local schools have been forced out of business. They are among many other businesses hard hit by the pandemic like Dance academies and gyms whose owners are facing tough choices about their futures. The sad truth is that many of the martial art teachers started finding new jobs for their living.

Because of this situation, we are opening an online dojo  for those who are passionate about learning martial arts. Our online courses cover the basic to advanced training in Karate & Kobudo.

Change Your Life

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Easy to follow lessons

Access short easy to follow instructional videos as we were face to face in the dojo. Each Karate technique is broken down and explained, along with videos on how to train and develop the movements

Train at home

After reviewing the video lesson you can train on your own time, anywhere at any time of the day. This flexibility allows you to repeat the videos as many times as you need before moving on to the next lesson.

Earn Grading & Certifications

This wont happen over night, but soon enough you will find yourself getting ready for your next level you Can Complete your belt test online and get direct feedback from the respective Sensei to earn your official Karate Rank.

Features & Benefits



Quality is the right choice

With over 20 plus years of teaching experience in martial arts. We have seen and experienced all the circumstance and challenges when working with Adults & children.